About the IAM


Faculty ensures that the discipline of asset management and all standards, guidance, knowledge and other outputs produced by the Institute are developed within a common Asset Management Landscape and aligned with the IAM’s objectives.

Faculty is an advisory body with no executive powers and no delegated budget. Faculty may not enter into any contract or otherwise commit the IAM without agreement from the Board.

Faculty is responsible for:

  • Defining the Asset Management Landscape and the associated Asset Management Subjects
  • Establishing consensus on priorities and direction of Committees and ARN, and harnessing and leveraging external research
  • Setting or reviewing Terms of Reference for new projects or research
  • Convening Expert Panels (peer review, speakers) across the Asset Management Subjects and across industry sectors
  • Ensuring that IAM Qualifications and Professional Developmentactivities are aligned with the Asset Management Landscape
  • Ensuring that the Knowledge Base development is aligned with the Asset Management Landscape

Faculty may co-opt any person relevant to Faculty business, but normally comprises representatives of the following:

Faculty meets online at 12:00 GMT every two months in order to allow attendance from different time zones.

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