About the IAM


IAM Chapters are organised groups of IAM members from one country (or more) who provide an immediate interface for members to engage with the IAM on a local scale. Chapters organise local work, events and other activities. They are a means of enabling members to act locally but think internationally as part of the IAM, sharing in and contributing to the success of our objectives.

Chapters are incorporated into the Institute as legal entities, rather than a freestanding or separate activity or organisation. Chapters are represented on Council.

Chapters may be established wherever existing members wish to associate to pursue the IAM’s Objectives.

Members can register to a Chapter.


Branches are regional groups within a Chapter that allow for the discussion of ideas and best practice on a more local level, to develop a strong local network of like-minded professionals and advance the industry. Branches organise their own regional events and meetings. Unlike the Chapters they belong to, Branches are not legal entities and their associated Chapters are accountable for them.

Chapters and their Branches will have various Committees and Project teams, according to their numbers and interests.

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