About the IAM


Committees are where most of the primary activity of the Institute is planned, organised and delivered, carried out as projects. The Committees may be viewed as permanent Project teams.

Projects are set up with formal Terms of Reference and a Project Director reporting to a Board Member. These may be internal or carried out collaboratively with one or more similar organisations, often including industry both to sponsor and ensure relevance.

A Committee is typically made up of a chairman and representatives from members, and we encourage members to engage with one or more of these Committees and/or their activities. It is possible to contribute without attending large numbers of meetings, or committing to unmanageable workloads. 

The IAM Committees

Events Committee

Ensures that a high-quality programme of events is generated to promote attendance by IAM members and others, to make membership of the IAM an attractive proposition. A secondary role of Events Committee is to plan and recommend to Board which external events should be endorsed by the IAM and what preferential terms should be agreed for IAM members.

Membership Committee

Ensures that the IAM maintains a focus on the needs of and services to all existing members, particularly in the context of professional development. Membership Committee manages membership applications and transfers between membership grades. A secondary role of Membership Committee is to recommend changes to grades, and criteria for membership, rates of subscriptions and member benefits.

Publications Committee

Ensures that a coherent, authoritative and attractive suite of asset management and technical publications is produced, for the benefit of both members and more widely. In a cost-effective manner, this both enhances the reputation and influence of the IAM and increases awareness and understanding of asset management.

Recruitment & Publicity Committee

Ensures that the IAM plans and executes an energetic and focused programme of recruitment and promotion, both direct and indirect. This includes direct contact with and approaches to potential Corporate and Individual Members, liaison with organisers and organising and running stands at events. Recruitment & Publicity Committee also recommend improvements for the profile of the IAM, including how to achieve better publicity for its events, activities and products with a view to furthering the IAM’s aspirations for influence.

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