IAM and IFRAMI sign Memorandum of Understanding

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12 Jul 2018

IAM and IFRAMI sign Memorandum of Understanding

The IAM is delighted to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IFRAMI (Institut Français d'Asset Management Industriel et Infrastructures). This is a member benefit sharing agreement, principally so that members of one organisation are able to benefit from member discounts for events and activities, and access technical material, publications and resources of the other.

The IAM has had a policy for a long time of working with other similar bodies who see value in collaborating. In this case, we have enjoyed a personal relationship with IFRAMI leaders Edmea Adell (pictured right with IAM President, Chris Newsome OBE at the Annual Conference 2018) and Celso de Azevedo. For many years IFRAMI has collaborated with the IAM, translating publications into French, supporting IAM events, and Celso is a member of our independent Exam Board. The IAM has in turn supported the IFRAMI conference in Paris.

IAM Canada, of course, has a Francophone community in Quebec, which has been collaborating there with very successful events organised by Canadian leaders who support both bodies. We look forward to ever closer cooperation with the joint aim of serving our respective communities as well as we can.

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

IAM and IFRAMI Memorandum of Understanding

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