A New Chapter for the IAM

Netherlands Press Release

16 Oct 2017

A New Chapter for the IAM

The IAM is extremely pleased to welcome our newest Chapter - IAM Netherlands!

The Dutch network of asset management professionals, Asset Management Nederland (AMNL), have been operating since 2014, with the participation of over 50 organisations in the country. With the formal Launch on 12 October 2017, AMNL has become IAM Netherlands, and will continue the transition to IAM NL over the course of 2018. We congratulate AMNL and look forward to learning from our new colleagues as they help us build the IAM’s knowledge base and membership.

The Board of IAM Netherlands

Bob Okhuijsen, Hans Jooren, Marianne van Scherpenzeel, Hjalmar Boon, Maarten Noom, Bram Alkema and Peter Dourlein.

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