New addition to IAM UK

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01 Feb 2019

New addition to IAM UK

The South West Branch of the IAM UK Chapter was formed on 2 November 2018, making it the Chapter’s ninth Branch.

The South West region of the UK is home to a diverse range of industry sectors that can derive value from asset management. In addition to those sectors that have traditionally been engaged with the IAM, such as utilities, rail and highways, the advanced engineering sector is also vital to the economy of the South West.

The region hosts the largest aerospace cluster in the UK, and the second largest in Europe. A quarter of the UK’s defence spending is allocated to operations within the South West, with several major Ministry of Defence sites and key suppliers located in the region. The city of Bristol hosts government bodies such as the Environment Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. And Hinkley Point C, the first new nuclear power station to be built in the UK in a generation, is based in Somerset.

“I’m excited to be given the opportunity to set up a Branch in a region which is home to such a diverse range of asset-intensive businesses and sectors. We want to build on the diversity inherent in the region, encouraging collaboration and learning whilst creating an inclusive Branch that caters to experienced asset management
professionals but is open to new sectors, new voices and new ideas.”
Ray Galeozzie, Branch Chair
IAM South West

“Branches are a key part of the IAM’s engagement with its Members, providing a great way for them, including newcomers to the field of asset management, to share best practice, as well as develop a strong local network of like-minded professionals. As the IAM’s reach increases, Branches are a great opportunity for Members to get valuable insights as well as contribute.”
Kirsten Bodley, CEO

A survey has gone out to Members in the region to help shape the new Branch, and an inaugural event is due to take place in April 2019.

Ray Galeozzie continues, “It’s the intention for the Branch to meet on a quarterly basis. Noting the focus on engaging new sectors and different demographics, we will look to support NxtGen events in the region also. We have established academic links with the University of Bristol and initial discussions with South West-based Patrons have been very encouraging. We intend to leverage existing relationships with bodies such as the Association for Project Management and the Institute of Risk  Management, who are established and active in the region, to explore the relationship between asset management and these related disciplines more fully.

“Recognising that the South West covers such a large geographic region, we will make best use of collaborative and social tools to support the community.” 

The local committee’s drive, coupled with the strong industry presence in the region, will help ensure the South West Branch becomes an active and successful part of the IAM. To get involved with the IAM South West Branch, or to share views on what you would like to see the Branch addressing, please contact Ray Raleozzie

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